Introducing The Horror Forum!

The Horror Forum is an online community for all fans of horror. From films to stories, TV series and beyond, The Horror Forum has it all. Perhaps you like old school films from Hammer, or maybe 80’s slasher films are your thing. Others may be into Tartan Asia or obscure curiosities.  There’s nothing quite like a good story […]

Undulating Terror

Pulsating with contempt, Grey, with no little malignant fire, Crawling, heavy and oppressive weight, On, forward is it’s path! Grey, grim, pregnant gore! No scene of colour here! Ethereal laceration yearning! Arterial spray of freedom! March! Forcing on with bile, Crawling, shoving, oozing through! No relief, no rest from they! Whose army know no fatigue! […]


Ever present, lurking are they, Slow do they move, time they have, Molecule by atom, devouring all, Marrow, corpuscle, sinew, gristle! Small yet noticeable change,  Ever growing, leechcraft have they,  Growth as you diminish, When will realization begin? Others see it first, Oh, how they retreat! You will only be ready, Once they suckle at […]

The Death Forest

It had existed as far back as anyone could remember. The forest was simply there. Covering several square miles, it was a sprawling mass of greens and browns during spring and summer. Autumn bought a heady mixture of colours, as it’s inhabitants scurried around, preparing to hibernate for the years end. Winter saw a grey […]

Twisted Imaginings Facebook Page

Why hello Ghouls & Boils! For some reason I haven’t yet invited you all to like my Facebook Page. That’s rather rude of me, so allow me to introduce you properly… On Twisted Imaginings Facebook Page, you’ll find all sorts of horrific, macabre and scary stuff! To get things off to a shuffling start, we have The […]


Candyman is a 1992 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Bernard Rose, and produced by Clive Barker and Steve Golin, based on the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker, though the film’s scenario is switched from England to the Cabrini–Green public housing development on Chicago’s Near North Side. Candyman, played with style […]