The Phial Of Hope

The virus that spread amongst New Yorkers was swift and most unusual, not least of all because of the sudden drop in the patients core temperature, which arrived with a slow agonizing death. It appeared to be airborne but tests were still frantically being done. Which is why Martin, a photographer by trade, was intrigued […]

The Delivery Of Evil

As the doorbell rang, Cheryl jumped. The pizza was early! Heading to the door with the money, Cheryl straightened her dress. It had been a long day, not least of all because James had broken up with her, quite unexpectedly, the night before. James had been quite intense at times but this was new for […]

The End Project

I don’t think anybody expected it, that crisp April morning in London. I just doesn’t happen. But, as with many others, eyes turned up toward that plane. It came from behind me, that faint rumble, which at first sounded like a works truck or a lorry at speed. But, on turning, it was impossible to […]

The Film

Outbreaks, if occurring in a serendipitous fashion, can sometimes be overlooked until the potential harm is already done. Which is why I decided upon The Film. I know, you’ve heard the news reports. How could I? Well that’s precisely the point; I could. I had always imagined being able to control and destroy a living […]

The Unknown Pacific

Lurking It has been. From the bulbous monstrosity It calls form, tendrils snake through the murk of the depths. Its shape, while perhaps invoking dreams of “The Bogeyman”, such immature visions tremble here. And well they should, for awake It is… From whence Earth became is where It began. You see, we grew from It, […]

The Box

It was almost three months,to the day, since I had last seen Simon. I shall never forget that insane smile spread across his face, the sweat pouring down his face like some noxious waterfall. But his laugh! It was positively unhinged with a menace that suggested evil beyond comprehension as he assured me the foul […]

The Necrophilia Cycle

As he jumped the fence, he smiled. He had been obsessed with corpses since he was 10. Seeing that decomposing body off the path had shocked him to the core, but fascinated him too. A long line of doctors, police and social workers had attempted to quell his curiosity and, for the most part, they […]