The Delivery Of Evil

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

As the doorbell rang, Cheryl jumped. The pizza was early!
Heading to the door with the money, Cheryl straightened her dress. It had been a long day, not least of all because James had broken up with her, quite unexpectedly, the night before. James had been quite intense at times but this was new for him. Given to sullen fits, the tirade that erupted over a drink was terrifying but, if there was a silver lining to this, it was some peace for now.
The delivery driver didn’t smile as he proffered the boxes. Cheryl politely handed over the money, telling him to keep the change, and shut the door. 
Settling back on the sofa, she started unboxing the food, and then stopped. This wasn’t her order! She’d ordered the BBQ Supreme with wings and garlic bread but there wasn’t bread either. Heading out to the front of the property, she looked for the driver, who she found no sign of.
A frustrating call to the restaurant ended with her right order promising to be there within fifteen minutes, along with a full refund, so Cheryl breathed heavily and sat back, which is when she heard the thud.
Not from the front of her house, but she nonetheless looked out of her front window, when the same sound came from the rear of the house. Frightened now, Cheryl ran upstairs with her mobile.The back gardens had no access unless you were getting in from a neighboring property. Having established a lack of activity, Cheryl hesitated before calling James.
Cheryl’s heart leapt momentarily as James flat voice said, “What now?”.
Cheryl took another deep breath. “Umm, hi James. Look…I know now is the worst time possible but I think there’s an intruder here and I need your help!”.
There was a very long pause.
“I’m sorry”, James began. “I’m not happy with myself, never mind us, so if…”. Cheryl cut him short.
“No!! This is absolutely not an attempt to get you back! All I need….just please come and see what’s happened!”.
After a slightly shorter pause, James agreed.
Looking at her phone Cheryl realised it had been over twenty minutes since she had called the pizza place. Trying again she got an error message and was wondering why when there were 3 loud knocks on the door. Recognizing James distinctive knock with further confusion, she let him in.
Standing there awkwardly, Cheryl enquired how he had got there so quickly. James grunted and went to the back door.
“See! There’s nothing here! Can I go now?”, he groaned.
“No….wait”, Cheryl began. “It should have taken you longer to get here. Where were you?”.
“What?? Ugh…look I went out for a drive after work and I’m actually parked just round the corner from here”, James replied. “Look I know what I’m like, which is why I’d rather not be here. I’d better check upstairs. You go first”.
Cheryl walked up to the front bedroom as James hung up his coat. Entering the room she turned to the door as a solitary stream of light pulled up out front. “Oh, that’ll be….”, she began as she caught sight of James contorted grimace.
“Yeah, pizza is here baby. We need something to eat once we’re done!”, James leered, as he moved to allow the delivery driver into the bedroom​


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