The Death Forest

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​It had existed as far back as anyone could remember. The forest was simply there.
Covering several square miles, it was a sprawling mass of greens and browns during spring and summer. Autumn bought a heady mixture of colours, as it’s inhabitants scurried around, preparing to hibernate for the years end. Winter saw a grey gloom settle in, a constant murky fog hanging in around and over the forest. It was beautiful in it’s various forms, but sinister too.
Because of it’s natural, resplendent charm, people came, not just from around the country, but others too, soaking up some nature as they hiked through. Not all who entered found their way out. Of course the neighbouring villages offered maps and various trails to be walked but, to outsiders, the sensual lure of the forest was too much. Officially they succumbed to the elements. The locals suspected otherwise.
All of this was lost on Danny, late of London, who was enjoying a gap year. After his parents divorce, and with less than admirable university grades, some time out was needed. 
Danny worked in a neighbouring village, on a farm, and decided to make the most of the heady summer evening. The forest would make for an interesting walk, he mused, as he sauntered in. He didn’t really need more fresh air, but why not?
Wandering along the well trodden path, Danny continued to daydream. Having very little in the way of actual responsibility was quite the life for a young man with all the world to conquer. And conquer he would!
In fact, so amusing were his daydreams that Danny failed to realize that he’d wandered off of the path until his foot squelched as he stood on what he thought was animal excrement. Confused, he looked around at his now completely unfamiliar, and dark, surroundings. Checking his phone confirmed the total lack of signal, rendering his GPS quite useless too.
Grunting angrily, Danny turned back the way he had come, hoping to retrace his steps. For a short while it worked, but within a few minutes, his total loss of bearings became all too clear.
His village, and lodgings were in the west, so Danny headed towards the full and rising moon. It shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate through, he thought, but the once serene forest was now taking on a more sinister tone in the dark. Nocturnal animals were awake and foraging, but that’s not what caught Danny’s attention.
For in his view, not overly far away was a light. In fact, there were several, their luminescence beckoning seductively. Danny decided to investigate, as it was on his way.
As he made his way, Danny shivered. It was nearing the end of July, so it shouldn’t be cold but he felt a coldness anyway. A light sheen of perspiration now covered him, as well as a deepening of breath. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what, but Danny felt a deepening sense of unease as the lights grew nearer. Unease at what may lay ahead, but also a realization that the once green and resplendent forest now seemed old and malevolent.  The lights were intensifying too, seeming to coalesce on a single orange glow. Puzzled, but wanting answers, Danny sped up.
Within a few minutes he found himself at a clearing. It was back far enough to prevent his detection, but what Danny saw stopped him in his tracks!
The figures, dressed head to toe in robes of black, were dancing, although their writhing bodies danced to no tune Danny knew. On the edges of the clearing what looked like drums were being beaten, with rudimentary sticks. As their pace quickened so did that of the dancers. But, with a shout, all was silent and still.
All eyes, including Danny’s, fell upon the centre. An altar, older than life itself, made up the focal point. In front of the altar stood what resembled a priest, but no holy man of this sinister malevolence had been seen by outsiders. His robes were of the deepest black, a hood covering the wearers head. The eyes, shimmering with what could be best described as an ancient evil, looked round at the gathering then, with a twinkle of fury, settled on Danny.
“It is time!”, the priests voice growled. “Come forward, Daniel Harris!”.
Danny wanted so very much to run, but even if his legs weren’t jelly, the rough arms that grabbed both of his had an unnatural strength. He was dragged, shrieking, to the priest.
“It is lucky, if unfortunate, that you are here”, the priest spoke. “Lucky that we now have a soul to sacrifice, but unfortunate that the victim is you!”.
Danny felt the warmth of urine spreading down his legs as he was raised, then tied to the altar. Once securely restrained, the priest addressed his unholy congregation once more.
“Tonight we offer a sacrifice!”, he thundered, to screams of joy. “Our forest endures because of the blood of the innocent”.
Stepping forward a pace, his voice lowered menacingly. 
“Call her!”, he growled. 
Swaying, the congregation started kerning, at first little more than a whisper. As their voices raised Danny thought he could make out words but this was no language he understood. With an evil grin, the priest moved behind the altar, to begin reading from a book. Hands raised, palms facing downwards, he added to the chant with a whispering growl that rose to a thunderous roar. 
To the right of the altar a mist began to form. White and flowing at first, the mist darkened in a sinister way, to reveal a woman’s form. Lithe, curvaceous and beautiful it seemed at first to Danny.
Reverently the priest walked to face the alluring woman, then kneeled before her.
“Mistress, I apologize for waking you”, he said respectfully.
“Why have you summoned me?”, she spurred, her voice software, warm and hypnotic.
“O, Lady Of The Forest!, he said, standing. “We bring you nourishment!”.
With that, the priest and congregation turned to Danny as one.
Danny, visibly shaking, was still trying to make sense of what was happening, but now his eyes turned to this still shimmering beauty. But her beauty faded as her form finally solidified. Her face was momentarily beautiful, reminding Danny of happier times. But it morphed into something ancient, vile and hungry as it’s eyes focused on its prize. Screeching, it flung itself on top of Danny, slashing and ripping at its offering, greedily devouring Danny’s body.
The congregation were in ecstasy, throwing themselves wildly around, copying their Goddess. 
While their celebrations were not as violent or as lethal as Danny’s demise, their happiness at appeasing the forest went on until dawn.


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