Twisted Imaginings Facebook Page

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Why hello Ghouls & Boils!

For some reason I haven’t yet invited you all to like my Facebook Page. That’s rather rude of me, so allow me to introduce you properly…

On Twisted Imaginings Facebook Page, you’ll find all sorts of horrific, macabre and scary stuff! To get things off to a shuffling start, we have The Zombie Apocalypse. The children of the night make such sweet music for our Vampires. Beware the full moon and stay off the moors, because those Werewolves are having a howling good time.

Coulrophobes beware, as the Clowns are out to play. Of course, I celebrate Halloween EVERY day, so this should amuse you too.

Do you have a thing for Demons? So do I. The Creepy Carnival is open too, so go see what depravity is on offer.

All this, and more, at our Facebook Page, so head on over and like us now.

Stay Scared!


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