By The Lantern Light

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

Moving ever forward, sometimes clumsily, the eerie yellow light staggers. Swinging violently as ever more bodies are discovered, some no longer resemble human.
Standing straight and taking stock, a moment is all He needs. Seen this before has He, no bile will rise from Him.
Noxious fumes pervade the most, like creeping entrails of the past. Memories they hold, pictures all too grim.
“Nearly there!, He cackles, “Not much further now!”. With a shudder you follow, what promises will reveal?
Slowing surely, He cackles. “Now”, he growls. “Your time is come!”.
He turns, hunched. The lantern slowly raised. The fumes you were gagging on intensifying, the malodorous stench of eternity. He raises His empty handed, a bone where the meat once was now points to you.
You stammer, clinging wildly to what sanity remains. It is to late. As your body contorts with pain, you realize how He survives. Your life for His!


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