When The Moon Is Full

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.


Those who are born into The Family are considered more pure, their instincts and intuition far superior to those from outside, who have their uses but are more infantry than anything else. Purity of The Bloodline is protected savagely.

The Change finally hits on their eighteenth, their maturity started. Of course there are changes growing up but by the time they finally transform, their inner beast has been nurtured by The Elders. They are ready.
The final task is transformation and to fight. No Lycanthrope is allowed out with the pack until their fighting skills are proven. A sheer black panther is bought for the fight, the best alpha male they can find, one in its prime. Luca has a wiry muscular foe to defeat.

Not yet though, as it’s cloudy and they await the first full moon. Luca is stood at the centre, naked and cold but burning from within. His every molecule anticipates the luminescent white rays that will drag forth his inner lupine. That burst as the man is thrown aside in favour of the beast. He is the son of the pack leader, not his first born, but important nonetheless. To everyone else he is royalty.

He becomes aware of his muscles twitching, there is a dead pain in his torso. Looking up, Luca cries out at the breaking cloud, his voice strangulated. Silence surrounds him as he inhaled deeply, emitting an exhaled growl of rage as his chest explodes outward. Bones popping loudly, his crying growls become tormented as his muscles, becoming ever more taut, wind themselves around bone that is growing rapidly, making his already impressive frame that more dominating.

His mouth spasms open, blood and saliva hitting the floor, as his jaw breaks forward, it’s large and deadly fangs protruding menacingly. His hands and feet are elongated too. Luca is a bipedal wolf but his increase in speed and strength are assets.

Rough coarse hair strains out of his skin, his legs and torso stretching inhumanly to the lycanthropes full eight feet. His eyes, now blazing an orange fire, widen as, with the last final grunts of change, Luca stands straight and tall. His final burst is a triumphant howling as his chest bursts forward with pride.


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