My Ghost Story

A friend had moved to the outskirts of London in 2000. It was three levels high, ground, first and second floor. The garage and kitchen were at ground level, the living area in the middle, with the daughters room too and the other bedrooms on top.

The older children were away the weekend that I stayed. We had a small party the Friday night and I was left with the sofa to sleep on. I’ve never been great at sleeping so I just laid on the sofa with a music station on low. I struggled to sleep though as there was a breeze near the phone, an old, antique looking metal rotary kind, whose bell chime kept ringing softly. I could see the stairs up to the master bedroom very clearly and, if it wasn’t for me laying there looking, I could have sworn someone was running up and down them.

The next morning I complained to my friend about it over tea. He laughed, shrugged and said the place was haunted. The cynic in me argued against hauntings. I believe but I’m sceptical. He kept insisting though and we agreed to disagree.

The rest of the day went without incident. There was football on television, so we watched and ordered a takeaway. My friend had offered the use of one of the kids empty bedrooms if I couldn’t settle, but I wasn’t planning on setting. I had a ghost to catch.

The same happened. The phone kept making soft , gentle ringing noises. I sat next to it for over an hour, listening. There was no draught, no breeze but it was almost as if life were being breathed into the phone. It wasn’t moving either. I lifted the receiver a few times and it would have taken a noticeable effort to make it ringing. The running up and down the stairs continued too. It actually sounded mischievous!

It was about 4am when I finally settled down to try and sleep. I was laying on top of the bed, fully clothed, laughing to myself, when I felt my thigh squeezed gently, just above the kneecap. It made it’s way up, on both legs, to my waist. I had just enough time to consider how strange that was when I was bitten, on the nose. It didn’t hurt much, but all the time in the room I kept feeling that there was a mischievous spirit in there with me.

I’ve had other ghost encounters but this incident made sure I knew they exist.


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