A Gentleman’s Agreement 

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

If you agree not to repeat what I am about to tell you then I have a tale to tell. Do you swear? Solemnly? Ah, good, and if it be by almighty God Himself then that’s just splendid! Now, please do get comfortable.
You see, when I first arrived here I was accused of such terrible things. As if I were capable of such dreadful atrocities! I related this to them quite vehemently at first, and startled they were by the passion in my voice. For, you see my dear friend, I am a simple man of peace. Yes, quite peaceful am I. But they persisted, often leaving me alone with my thoughts, saying that soon they would find out. But how I resisted!
Then, one day, he came to visit. He was almost like my grandfather in demeanour; a genial, bearded fellow and his rich, deep voice was fair intoxicating. Which is why I hardly noticed the scratch on my hand, thinking it more of an itch.
Quite kindly, I thought, this bearded chap asked about Victor. “Oh”, I muttered. “Well…if you must….” but then Victor himself walked in and, fearing his wrath, I sat back and left him to talk.
And talk he did! My chair felt very comfy by this point and I had nothing to add, so I let Victor incriminate himself, a deed which he seemed strangely happy to do. That was indeed troubling but, they believed him when he said he had no idea where the bodies were. That he had strangled and mutilated those girls, was acceptable enough to our grandfather friend. Apparently he knew where to find Victor too, which was odd as I am still unaware.
I seemed to awaken, refreshed, as Victor left and turned to our pleasant old chap. He thanked and stated his desire to see us again. Confused, I enquired as to why that should be, leading him to chuckle and state quite agreeably that as I was now in the care of him and his asylum it was the only way.
At first I remonstrated quite violently, but whatever the needle contained calmed me into a deep sleep.
Still, I’m more than happy all alone in this room. Granted, there’s no windows and it needs decorating. But the food is acceptable. Besides, they’ll never get to Derek. You see, he was the leader of us three, and he knows all the details. But they’ll not find him.
Not inside my head…….


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