The Malevolent Cadaver

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Dr Wilson scrubbed up for his last autopsy of the night. It was late, but this could not wait until morning. Eric sighed heavily as he rued the missed dinner date, yet again. Dinner with Katie would have be exceptional but duty called.

Tonights John Doe was a Caucasian male, late thirties, and the fatality of a particularly nasty road traffic accident. Actually it probably wouldn’t take too long as glass and metal had ripped open the main areas he needed access too. The victims extra paleness was caused by excessive blood loss, no doubt from one or more of the main arteries. He did catch a sort of translucence to the body, which, rubbing his eyes with his sleeve, he dismissed as fatigue. He was too experienced to be played pranks on anyway; that was for the grad students.
He chuckled as he started to weigh the main organs, noting every detail fastidiously. It always paid to be accurate, even with such standard cases. Which is why at first didn’t notice the body was glowing slightly, so absorbed was he in detail. Walking to the sink to put his instruments in to soak, he suddenly became aware of a smell. Not the usual putrid stink of decay; after a while one even grew slightly tolerant of the bowel area, but this was new.

Turning round to try to locate the source, he noticed the head had moved somewhat. The neck had snapped upon collision and was at a disjointed angle but now the head faced straight up. Shaking his head again, he continued to finish up, when he noticed the pile of internal organs. Or what should have been the pile. For they were not all there now! No, the brain was missing. But……hadn’t he already removed it?

Looking again at the head, he found no sign of saw marks. Now preturbed, he checked once more, and realised that the lungs were now gone. Tremling slightly, his gaze flitted back to the body, which by now had resumed a more normal, if still sickly, hue. He started shaking violently as the eyes, an head, turned to him and an unreal voice said one word only.



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