The Village

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​As Joe staggered, mildly intoxicated, along the narrow lane, he congratulated himself on a productive day with a wry smile. The deal had gone well, earning the company some well paying mid term contracts. He also seemed to have made progress with Alison, ever the object of his amorous affections who, having recently divorced now seemed receptive to his charms. He’d have to play the gentleman a while longer but her sweet embrace and her seductively innocent yet demure gaze suggested hidden pleasures of which they may partake of and often too. As he stopped for breath, and to regain his bearings, he noticed it. The woods. Ah yes, the woods! They were spoken of in the hushed tones one reserves for dignitaries and those worthy of respect. As children, tales were told of the nightmares within, stock boogeyman stories to scare young children to sleep. Joe mused on how these particular stories continued into adulthood. A modest yet faithful Christian village it was but others immersed themselves in Wiccan and Pagan rites. Joe chuckled, bemused at it all, as he entered the woods, knowing it was the shortest route to his parents house. The dark night seemed to wrap itself in and around the forest as Joe, lost in his thoughts, continued to walk. Had he been more aware he may have noticed a presence; a feeling of not being alone. But the alcohol had dulled his senses and it took a while before he realised he may not be entirely alone. Breathing harder, he walked more quickly but the feeling of eyes upon him began to rise. This is nonsense, he thought. Nobody went in the woods at night he began to reason before realising that he was. As he looked up to the sky to draw a deep breath, the clouds parted, revealing a full moon. From beside the tree to his right the blood gold eyes blinked.


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