The Lurker

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​ As it slipped through the dank alleway it consumed its first meal. Not a substantial one, just a morsel, but it had all night and, for now, it was sated. It had existed for aeons. It was ageless yet still graceful and swift. Nothing was left in its wake because there was nothing to leave. Blood, bone, entrails; it staved the hunger but never fully satisfied. it was irascible in its hunt, audacious in its feeding and careful to remain unobserved. Of course people thought they saw something but a fleeting spectre at the extremities of periphal vision were among its assets. They eyes were keener than others. He slowed as he absorbed the physical and meta physical energies of his vicitm. He wore a certain luminescence as he recharged and some had seen him. Oh he did love Saucy Jack so. He snickered into the fog. The names they had given him. Oh how they conferred, collaborated and given rise to futility! But it was all for naught he considered as they would never quite find it. Did it enjoy the hunt as it considered its night and the prey ahead? But of course. The organs, sweet but filling, the gristle against bone slightly tender. The death rattle of a human experiencing what the malevolence had only whispered in the deep of night……why it was such exquisite pleasure. But would he come in the bliss of REM sleep? Those idle daydreams of something better, wishing life away on a whim or as you made contact with those eyes the other day and knew that for now you were spared but why? It bared its yellowed teeth before fading……


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