The Dystopian Revolt

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Jim, being their ‘leader’ had made the final decision. They were leaving in a little over sixteen hours. The ship was ready; Douglas had seen to that. Replicators would provide food and with hydroponics and a water recyling plant on board their basic needs were covered. Josie would take care of family planning ( after all they needed to sire new generations of free thinking individuals ) and Gregg had somehow hacked the super vaults gaining access to banned literature. Jim sighed wearily as he adjusted his tunic in front of the mirror. The drab grey unfiforms they all wore was all part of the social and personal dehumanization that The Party insisted upon. Jim sighed again…..The Party indeed! Nobody really knew who or what they were or even when they were formed. They simply *were*; their authority unquestioned. Of course factions had rebelled but their insolence and demands to be independent only got them sent to Punishment Chambers where their compliance was rendered permanent. No one knew exactly what happened in these chambers but the glassy eyed, docile, empty vessels that left them were a stark warning to all who dared challenge The Party’s authority. But still……Josie. She had first sown and ignited the first seeds of passion within him. Her guileless charm and innocent yet deep and inviting sense of wisdom was so very alluring. So much so that he had finally awoken to an internal sense of yearning for more than what he had. Oh it was sufficient; a dutiful wife, two sons and an infant daughter. They would become fine citizens yet so very bland. To finally break free, to throw the chains ofservitude aside, now that was exhilarating! As he walked the greasy yet reliable corridors his comlink beeped. Ah, hadn’t he told them not to call? Sighing deeply again, he activated the link and turned into a doorway. “Hey”, breathed Josie, ever alert yet appealingly so. “Change of plan. Get there now”. “Wh….what?” stumbled Jim. “Is everything OK?” “Sure”, purred Josie. “Look everything is ready so why not”. Josie giggled her laughter like rainbow droplets as she broke the connection and Jim took a moment to gather his senses as he glanced around. Assured that the corridor was empty he doubled back and made for the ship. The ship indeed! Minutes later, he panted as he caught sight of the entrance. No turning back now as he keyed in the code and waited for the door to open. When it did he stopped dead. The ship, their ship, was gone! He had barely time to wonder before he felt the gun barrel aimed at his head. “Get in. Now!” Josie growled. As Jim resumed conciousness, he first realised that he was tied down then that he was in a cold sterile room. He tried to cry out but his throat was dry and sore. As his eyes started to adjust to the room he spotted the one face he did not want to see yet one he expected. Dr Tierny. The Butcher. Dr Tierny regarded him with a cool yet almost amicable smile. “Good morning Jim. I take it you know who I am?”. Not waiting for a reply, he continued. “You will mark a new era Jim. Oh, but you will! Normally we would dispose of you quietly but a request has come down to do things a lot differently”. As the viewer started up, Jim could just make out the crowd of people watching silently. “You see order must be kept and whispers have been going round of an uprising. Well there will be NO uprising,” he yelled, now staring at the viewer. “Today let it be known that any and all who deviate shall risk this wrath”. He checked himself, adopting a more concillitary tone. “Now for the punishment”. Jim tried to scream as the AndroBot approached but his throat spasmed as the needle entered. He was still alive as it happened, oh God, he was alive for it all!


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