The Dead Chapter 2

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Ellouise sighed as she looked at her next patients notes. Yet another who had crammed into Accident and Emergency with flu like symptoms. The day had started normally; well ‘normal’ hardly applied, not in her job, but a certain routine had established. Nights usually saw its share of drunks and drug users in fairly extreme states of intoxication, their medical needs usually a result of their lifestyle. They were pretty much done with those as the first of the ‘flu patients’ had started to arrive. The elderly and infirm at first, their symptoms complicated by other long term illness. The staff hadn’t really had time to wonder why until younger, potentially stronger people had started to pour in, their symptoms all to alike. The first of the patients had deteriorated as the hours passed, causing intrigue and shaken heads. It was 2016 after all and although winter had just started this was becoming alarming. Not that Ellouise had much time to reflect as she called her next patient in. He was in his early thirties and quite well built; probably a regular at the gym Ellouise mused as he shuffled in. His breathing was ragged though and he kept blowing his nose. Her stethoscope confirmed some sort of bronchial infection and she was going to inform him to wait patiently as it was going to be at least a six hour wait when he broke into a coughing spasm. As she grabbed some tissue he begn retching then groaned and puked. “Oh no!”, she sighed as she turned then gasped. He was now sprawled on the floor and was convulsing. Was he epeleptic? She hit her alarm, cursing herself for not having read her notes thoroughly as she attempted to move him into the recovery position. Then there was a flurry of action as other staff entered the room and a doctor yelled instructions. Tensions were running high as it had been a long night and the atmosphere was charged. The patient reached a crescendo then, with a deep outward rattle became still. The atmosphere turned grim as signs of life were checked for then a time of death were establised. Her first death.


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