The Dead Chapter 1

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Patient Zero was confirmed after he left the hospital. The fact that he was technically dead before leaving was not lost on anyone. Nobody knew for sure what the virus was exactly at first, or even where it had come from. Haiti was cited as the most likely source of the virus, as the latter symptoms partially confirmed. It often started with flu like symptoms; head and joint pains along with high temperature and nausea, which was why many simply shrugged it off and went about their daily lives. It was only once the lethargy started to prevent people from moving did anyone really start to take notice. By then doctors offices and emergency rooms at hospitals began to swell under the pressure of so many ill. A few hours before Patient Zero started to move again the WHO had already declared a state of emergency and was considering upgrading to pandemic levels. The irony was the pandemic had already begun. Zoe had been largely oblivious to events so far. She had taken a lot of overtime since her seperation from Charles as he wasn’t as financially as helpful as he had promised. Which was hardly surprising, she thought bitterly, as he had added a blonde twenty year old to his growing list of addictions. Of course he had apologised, pleaded even, but finding them naked in bed the final straw really. Besides he had promised several times to curb his penchant for alcohol and drugs but the evidence strewn around the house that night proved otherwise. Still she had the cottage, that was something. The cottage had been their dream. Far enough out to be off grid yet within driving distance of London had meant they could commute, work and live their dream life. “The dream!” she scoffed, bitterly. Well that was turning into a nightmare very fast! The sirens bought her attention back to the here and now. Where were all the emergency services going and why? Luckily, she mused, they were headed back into London and she was just pulling into her small but cosy town. Although it was looking quieter than usual… She passed the pub and row of shops noting their darkness and quiet. It was evening but still there should be some form of life and why where all the lights off? Other cars were strewn wherever they seemed to have stopped as she pulled into her cul de sac. The local gossips would have something to say for weeks! As she neared the end, she spotted him ambling in the front garden. Charles. With his back turned to her, she could see his shirt was untucked and his suit jacket looked ripped. He was most likely drunk and full of remorse, she thought, the anger rising. As Zoe opened her car door, Charles turned and Zoe gasped. It was Charles, but…his face! Contorted into what resembled rage, blood dripped from his face and with growing terror she realised why. It looked as though he was eating whatever was left of the animal was left in his hands, but upon seeing her he grunted and dropped his meal. With a guttural roar he began to bear down on her. Now panicking, Zoe at first tried to appeal to him, then attempted to turn and run for safety. But he was too quick and as she tripped, he was upon her tearing at her clothes then flesh. Zoe shrieked then screamed wildly as his hands and teeth found purchase. Her eyes flicked from one house to another as she caught motion in her peripheral vision. At first she made out her neighbours but her pleas for help turned to helpless screeches as Zoe realised they, like Charles, were no longer human. More frighteningly, they were also running toward her.


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