The Apocalyptic Swarm

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​As they continued through the universe their tentacles rilppled through the fabric of space time. They existed, yet not in any quantifiable form, thus their presence went largely unnoticed. It also created sufficient mystery to their exact number and form as to be acceptable. They could, for example, resemble a rudimentary octopus and spider hybrid but their exteriors quite menacingly concealed the detail. Prisms of light were rarely chanced up though. Their desire was such that the could exist in multiple realities far beyond any reasonable explanation. It defined them. It also made the transfers at the sub atomic level that much more efficient. Which is what they were improving upon as they found our solar system. While it resembled a mere primordial soup to them it was also the reason they chose us. Any more advanced and we would have been a lot less pliable but our system created almost the perfect blend. As the adaptation, and resulting conformity commenced, a fleeting murmur could almost be heard. This was it. And what of us here on Earth? Those who lay their dreamy gaze upon the stars while squabbling with our neighbors? I bear no joy in relating that while some of us have stumbled upon the truth but such is their nature that our common truths right now are being ever so subtly rearranged. So while I can at this moment tell you a truth it will most certainly not be the truth by the time you are finished reading. It may not be true at all but that’s the seductive nature of it all.


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