Agent Z Prologue

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Although regional and global times varied May 1st was was largely accepted as Ground Zero.

It was never quite understood or established why the initial attacks happened. Various extremist groups, both religious and anarchist, were initially blamed. They denied all knowledge and, as the extent of the attack became all the more apocalyptically apparent, it was agreed that it couldn’t have been them. Besides, there was little chance they could agree on a unifying cause never mind what they were going to do about it.

Attention turned to the governments, both at home and abroad, but was finally decided to not be plausible either. Political persons were chanced upon but they had as little idea as anyone else and were equally surprised.

Others thought it to be some sort of Judgement Day. Perhaps Mother Earth, having tired of our pollution and waste, had put us in our place. If she had, it was a lesson none of us would forget….


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