Agent Z Part One

Twisted Imaginings – A Horror And Gore Themed Blog.

​Craig cursed as he continued walking at a brisk pace. He was late again, but this time it actually mattered. If he didn’t get this funding he was out of ideas and with creditors on his back and Sarah threatening to actually make good on her threat of divorce this time, a denial wasnt really an option.

Craig Johnson was the epitomy of a local boy done good. At 38 he cut rather a sharp figure. His actual parentage still a mystery, he was left at Homerton Hospital, he was adopted early then sent to the care system at the age of 5 as his behaviour disturbed even his very liberal upwardly mobile parents. Moving from foster parents to care homes at an alarming rate, he was generally thought to be most likely to take prison time as a career option when his stocky frame found itself in his 6th floor flat on his 18th birthday. He knew enough criminal types to have been able to take up all manner of illegal work and his academic record listed turning up to school more than once a term as his greatest achievement.

Which made it all the more surprising that he took to being a mechanic at all. He had the bluster of a man who could fix your car and, while it wouldn’t be cheap, he had a good price to go with his disarming smile but it would take something extraordinary to get him to stand still long enough never mind pay attention.

That someone was his employer, Reg. A world weary man in his 50’s who only left Dalston, in the east of London, for his fortnights holiday in Southend, Reg had the only suitable temperament which Craig would respond to. Essentially Reg didnt care. About anything, except money and the beaches of Southend. Sure he paid all his bills, his house, all paid for, had the latest mod cons, but to Reg none of it mattered. It was the stuff of much amusement as his wife, Lily, spent money quicker than Reg could earn it. Still the day Craig shambled into his garage aged 16 after having been permanently expelled from school and told to get a job or else, some form of kismet happened as they warily eyed each other up. Reg’s teaching method was a vague “watch and learn son” which Craig actually did and within no time could fix a car so well it was almost as though you had just driven it away from the sales couryard.


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